#23 – Better the Devils You Know

Editor of Stretty News, Dale O’ Donnell joins the Highbury Squad for a quality Arsenal v Manchester United football chat! For once, it’s the Gunners gloating after a meeting of the Premier League’s greatest ever rivalries! Amanda and Sophie also give their predictions, talk pitch invasions, bromances and Game of Thrones! And the biggest question, where is Super Kevin Campbell?!
Always Arsenal!

#22 – North London is Officially Dead

Evening Standard football journalist and La Liga specialist, Ben Hayward joins the Highbury Squad to dissect the DNA of, Unai Emery. Ben has followed and covered Unai throughout his career in Spain and he shares some fascinating insights with Sophie, Amanda and Kevin! He’s also a Spurs fan, and the pod squad would like to recognize his bravery, post North London Derby! Get in! Headline Options North London is Officially Dead Evening Standard’s Ben Hayward NLD & a Bit of Emery.

#20 – Arsenal Exclusive with Alison Bender

The Pod Squad welcome broadcast journalist and football presenter (and Chelsea fan) Alison Bender (@alibendertv). Alison shares exclusive insights from her recent interviews with Xhaka and Unai Emery. You don’t want to miss this episode with Amanda (@GoonerGirl1969), Sophie (@soccerdiva), and Kevin (@1kevincampbell).

#11 – Not Crystal Clear at Palace

Crystal Palace did well to thwart Arsenal’s pursuit of 12 wins in a row. But they were helped by a controversial penalty in the 83rd minute, which has caused a football storm. Sophie, Amanda and Kevin welcome writer, producer, actor and director, Jim Piddock to the show. Jim is a lifelong Palace fan and shares his views on the big game at Selhurst Park. You can also catch Jim’s new movie Mascots on Netflix! Always Arsenal!

#24 – The Arsenal Revolution

Welcome to the Highbury Squad. New season is around the corner. Sophie and Amanda are joined by a special guest this season, Super Kevin Campbell! The pod squad dissect it all, from transfers, to Ozil summer horribilis, Rambo’s contract, and Unai Emery’s Arsenal revolution! It’s just like being down the pub with your mates!

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